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Fire Communicator


The DUALCOM transmits the signals of fire alarm control panels to the monitoring station. It generates events from its contacts connected to fire alarm control panels. The events are transmitted in a duplicated form to the monitoring receiver through its two
independent modem units.

Application areas

  • The DUALCOM fire alarm transmitter produced by TELL is a „contactcontrolled" remote monitoring communicator specifically developed for fire alarm centers. 
  • The device complies with legal and standard requirements in all respects, so it is excellent for performing tasks related to fire alarm transmission. 
  • It converts the signals of the contact inputs into SIA DC-09, TELLMon or TEX format and transmits them to the remote monitoring receiver via an IP channel created on a mobile network.

Complies with EN 54-21:2006; ISO 9001:2015

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Additional product versions
Transmission channel
Contact inputs
Configurable inputs (NO/NC)
Relay outputs
IP-based reporting to monitoring station
Built-in internal clock