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Our customer's opinion on Dualcom

The Dualcom KIT is a practical package: an easily applicable metal box with a power supply

Our company almost always buys the Dualcom KIT, which is received in a practical package: an easily applicable metal box with a power supply included. This way we don’t have to bother with assembling the alarm control set. The signals of the Dualcom reporting device can be picked up by the same receiver unit, just like all the signals of any other TELL devices – so there is no need to apply a separate unit. The two GSM networks operate reliably in such a sensitive area as reporting fire incidents. Its 6 contact inputs and relay outputs are usually enough when it comes to reporting, but if they prove to be insufficient, EXT24D plugin can be applied without any problem. What’s more, it is well configurable both on-site and remotely.

László Horeczki, Security Patent


Proper verification 

When choosing the device the first and most important factor was its suitable qualification. According to our client’s feedback, it works properly so we are happy with it. We have a great relationship with TELL for a long time so I confidently recommend their products to our partners.

Péter Kiss, VILLBAU Ltd.


Reliable, stable connection, a complex solution to remote monitor fire alarm devices 

One of the Dualcom KIT’s biggest advantages is that it comes with TELL’s own power supply and – as opposed to the competitors’ solutions –, two SIM cards can be used within one device. Moreover, it is configurable remotely without any issues. Thanks to the aforesaid benefits, the number of on-site device replacements significantly reduced. Dualcom is reliable and offers an advanced solution for remote monitoring of fire alarm equipments. I truly recommend it for everyone.

Balázs Fodor, Villtek Security Ltd.