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Gate Automation - Gate Control

Gate Automation
Gate Control PRO
Gate Control PRO

Opens up new perspectives in gate control solutions

GSM based devices designed to control different kinds of gate such as an electric gate, a barrier gate, a traffic bollard, a security bollard, a road barrier, a commercial electric gate, a security gate, an industrial swing gate, a sliding security gate, an automatic gate, a pedestrian gate, and many more.

Product versions:

  • Available in 2G, 4G and WiFi version

Depending on product version it supports 20 or 1000 users

Application Area
Electric gates and garage doors
Electric gates and garage doors gate control
TELL Gate Control PRO, featuring home automation gate control is compatible with most gate control mechanisms available on the market, allowing easy integration into existing garage door operating engines. It is possible to control two different gates with the same device. With the gate control app, you can remotely manage your gates, ensuring convenience and security whether you're at home or on the go.
Barrier gates
Smart gate opener for barrier gates
The TELL Security device is also suitable for controlling barrier gates of residential communities and premises. Several useful features are available, such as configurable user permissions, keeping the gate open during shift changes and emergency opening for disaster management. It can be integrated with access control systems, for instance card readers and encoded locks.
Controlling traffic bollards
Controlling traffic bollards with TELL gate opener application

The tool, with GSM gate control, is broadly applicable, thus it can be used for not only controlling electric gates and barrier gates, but traffic bollards too. Among its many useful features, it is possible to integrate license plate recognition cameras.

Parking garages and apartment blocks
Unlock gate with smartphone in parking garages and apartment blocks using Gate PRO technology

It is effectively useful in different fields, such as parking garages and apartment blocks, incorporating smart home automation gate technology. It is possible to add or delete users remotely or change their permissions to prevent unauthorized access and enable greater transparency.

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Main features
T.E.L.L. International Kft.

Option for controlling two different gates or barriers with the same device

T.E.L.L. International Kft.

Forwarding doorbell ringing and error messages of gate control in text messages

T.E.L.L. International Kft.

Sending event logs and reports in email

T.E.L.L. International Kft.

Accessing gate state (open/closed) in the mobile application

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Notification when the gate left open or not closed properly

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IP-camera support, access photos in the mobile application

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Configurable user permissions and entry periods

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Configurable scheduled control

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