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TELL API documentation

The Pager7Pager8, and Gate Control PRO devices offer new possibilities for software developed by third parties. Now, you can easily and efficiently integrate these devices into third-party software using our API connection.

Below, we provide details on the currently available functionalities as a public API:


Pager7 and Pager8

  • Device status query
  • Relay activation
  • Relay deactivation
  • Partition arming
  • Partition disarming


Gate Control PRO

  • Querying device version
  • Querying device operating mode
  • Querying the maximum number of users
  • Gate opening command


In addition to these functions, we are planning to further expand the API's capabilities in the future. This will enable us to provide even more efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

For further information, please check out our API documentation or contact Technical Support.


Download API documentation ⇒ DOWNLOAD

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The API connection offered by TELL opens up new dimensions of device integration for third-party software. The API enables the simple, efficient integration of Pager7, Pager8, and Gate Control PRO devices, providing automated control through a software interface. These features allow TELL devices to be remotely controlled via software, improving operational efficiency and reducing the need for human intervention.