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GSM Gate Opener

GSM Gate openers: Tools of modern security and convenience

GSM gate openers, operated via mobile phones, offer convenient and secure solutions for homes, offices, and industrial facilities by utilizing the latest technology. These devices leverage the advantages of 4G mobile networks, allowing for remote operation and control of gates from long distances. You can open or close your gates from anywhere without being physically present!

Depending on the version, gate opener products can be controlled by voice call, SMS and mobile app.

How do GSM gate openers work?

GSM gate openers contain a SIM card, enabling the device to communicate with the user's phone via data connection. The gate can be activated with a simple call, SMS, or mobile app over the internet, controlling the gate through the gate opener's control unit. Our devices support 20 to 1000 users, depending on the model.

Advantages of GSM gate openers

  • Remote access: Control gates from anywhere, whether from the office or while traveling, eliminating the need to be on-site.
  • Long-range local opening: In locations where remote control is only possible near the gate, GSM gate openers enable gate operation from kilometers away.
  • Security: Only predefined phone numbers and users can access the system, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Convenience: No need for keys or remotes that can be lost or malfunction. A simple phone call is enough to control the gate.
  • Cost-effective: Lower installation and maintenance costs compared to traditional systems, and savings on remote control costs.
  • Flexibility: Many GSM gate opener systems offer various settings, including timing and automatic closing, customizable to user needs.
  • Notifications and logging: The system sends real-time notifications and logs all gate operations, providing up-to-date information.

Explore our range of GSM gate openers to find the perfect solution for your needs!