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4G Communicator and Controller

Portable control that fits in your hand. This is the Pager product family - the new level of GSM remote control.

Pager products open a new dimension in remote monitoring and control, allowing simple management of automation and security elements anywhere.

Pager systems provide outstanding performance in both industrial and home environments. With our compact and easy-to-use devices, you can ensure high-level automation and security management anywhere. Innovative technology allows easy management and monitoring of systems at home or in business.


  • Irrigation system control
  • Lighting control and status indication
  • Pump control and status feedback
  • Cooling control
  • Heating control
  • Garage protection
  • Timed control
  • Dog kennel opening
  • Asset protection (apartment, storage, cabin protection, garage)
  • Water intrusion monitoring and regulation
  • Aquarium control

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