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WiFi Gate Opener

WiFi gate openers: Convenience and technology combined

WiFi gate openers use the latest technological advancements to offer convenient and secure solutions for homes, offices, and industrial facilities. These devices allow remote operation of gates using an internet connection.

How do WiFi gate openers work?

WiFi gate openers connect to the home or office WiFi network. The system is controlled via a mobile app or web interface, operating the gate through the gate opener's control unit. The internet connection enables remote control of the gate regardless of the user's location.

Advantages of WiFi gate openers

  • Remote access: Control gates from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No need to be on-site.
  • High-level security: Advanced encryption protects communication, and only predefined users can access the system, preventing unauthorized access.
  • User-friendly: Easy to manage via mobile apps, allowing multiple user access settings and tracking authorized users.
  • Integration: Easily integrated with other smart home systems, providing comprehensive security and convenience solutions.
  • Notifications and logging: The system sends real-time notifications and logs all gate operations, ensuring up-to-date information.
  • Easy installation: Quick and easy installation without complex wiring. Just a properly placed device and a stable WiFi connection are needed.

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Additional product versions
Transmission channel
Contact inputs
Configurable inputs (NO/NC)
Relay outputs
E-mail sending
Push notification
Maximal number of users
20 - 1 000
Built-in internal clock
Mobile application
IP camera support