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Gate Control v9 is finally here

14/12/2022 15:36
Gate Control v9 is finally here

Simple handling, maximum security

Gate Control is one of this year’s bestsellers

Major version changes at TELL always comes with a great transformation, and this year is no different. Gate Control BASE, PRO and PRO WiFi 9.0.0 5230 programming software and 9.00.0 8202 firmware are now available.

Gate Control has long been noted as one of TELL's highest-selling products, as it is an innovative gate automation solution that can be used widely. Our customers most often use it to control electric gates, garage doors, barrier gates and traffic bollards, but in reality the only limit of possible uses is your imagination (and of course creativity). With a slight exaggeration, if it can be opened, Gate Control it!

To illustrate: it can be used perfectly in unmanned tanning salons, as they can be opened by free calls or the mobile application. Even the doors of airbnbs and offices can be easily controlled with the device weighing only 200 g. (Needless to say, we also open and close the doors in TELL’ offices with a Gate Control!)


Usual quality, improved

Thanks to our long-standing developments, it is now possible to use the setup Wizard. The goal is to guide the users through the settings step-by-step, which makes the installation of the device significantly easier. The Wizard includes illustrations and checks the steps that need to be performed. (For example, you cannot click on the ’next’ button until the SIM card is inserted or the APN is entered etc., only when all the necessary steps are done.)

It’s fair to say that this makes the use of Gate Control available to those who are just getting to know the device, or who have only installed it a few times, or who were afraid to try it because of the technical settings. However, advanced users can skip the Wizard and set up the device as usual. (During the setup, it is possible to use the Wizard at any time later.)


Preparation of the module


Kimenetek működésének beállítása

Setting the operation of outputs


Mobile devices


In addition, many other improvements have been added to the new version. Now it allows you to search for users more efficiently, accurately and simply. We have also improved the device register, and worked a lot on making remote connecting quicker. Modules can be administered remotely using a mobile network - as easy as you were there with a USB cable. A very large number of module settings and operations are also available via remote connection. From now on, the limit switch can be used not only to monitor the control, but in non-intervention mode (in which case the control ignores the state of the switch), the gate status is also displayed in the mobile app - however, this requires the installation of a limit switch and the updating and configuration of the module.


A modem állapotát és a modul rendszerüzeneteit egy felületen láthatjuk

Modem status and system messages of the module on one interface

More surprises to come in 2023

We will start the next year strong as great developments are on the way. We don’t want to spoil the fun, but the soon-to-be-released version will be available with refined user management, and the mobile application will be suitable for registration-based user management, replacing the previous QR code solution. Changes are also coming in the interface of the programming software, and (we saved the best news for the end) the possibility of network connections is also expanding.

We hope that the improved version will be at least as popular among our customers as the current ones. More information about the product is available here.