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Ways of using Pager8 through the eyes of a property protection system fitter

14/02/2023 11:39
Ways of using Pager8 through the eyes of a property protection system fitter

Besides securing the family garage, our client solved its heating and ventilation control with TELL’s Pager8 device. Now they are experimenting with the tool to perform several tasks in their beauty salon and car.


Attila Szilágyi is a qualified property protection system fitter who has been using TELL products for many years. He has already tried all types of the Pager product series, and currently uses Pager8 at home too for many tasks.


His primary goal was to secure the family garage. Attila needed a method that was budget-friendly, but still guaranteed a high degree of efficiency. It was important that in case of unauthorized entry into the area, the owners receive a notification on their mobile phones and can immediately check whether the alarm is real. In order to prevent fire, they also wanted smoke detection, in addition to ensuring the ventilation of the room, monitoring the temperature and controlling electric heating remotely. Within the framework of another ongoing project, Pager8 will also take care of the security, lighting and heating control, as well as the comfort of the guests in the family’s beauty salon. Moreover, they plan to install it in a vehicle to perform complex tasks, such as opening detection, motion detection, remote control of the doors and the trunk, automatic opening and closing, arming and disarming the alarm.



When performing a specific job, efficiency, sustainability and economy are extremely important for Attila. With this in mind, our client decided to use Pager8. He installed an opening sensor, a vibration sensor, a PIR motion sensor and a smoke decetor on the metal door of the garage. With the INT-1W 1-Wire interface, which supports 6 temperature sensors, continuous temperature monitoring is also possible. If the temperature level drops, the device switches on electric heating. In order to make the solution more economical, it is combined with a beer collector. It is a home-made solar collector made of beer cans, making possible warm air to be produced.
Pager8 can be used as an alarm center, as it can be combined with up to 16 IP cameras. Taking advantage of this function, our client installed a Hikvision IP camera at the garage door, through which he can monitor live whether the alarm is real.

The power feed is provided by an uninterruptible power supply and a 12V 7Ah battery. In case of power outage, the device's power supply switches to battery operation.

Due to the multifunctionality of the device, our client is also testing the use of Pager8 in the cosmetics industry. The security of the family salon is also guaranteed by this device: an opening sensor is placed on the front door and windows, so it becomes possible to check whether they have been left open. In addition, Attila also installed a combined motion sensor. One of the Pager8’s four outputs is connected to the salon’s lighting, so it switches off by itself. The installation of a combined heat and smoke detector is also essential, as there are many electrical devices in daily use in the salon. In adddition, the remaining free output of the device completely shuts down the salon.

To make sure the temperature is always comfortable, it is constantly monitored with Pager8. If it falls below the preset value, the heating is automatically switched on. The device is also planned to be used for heating cosmetic creams and wax: by the time the first guest arrives, the material will be sufficiently warmed up with the help of an oil radiator, which is programmed remotely with Pager8. In this case, a temperature sensor also ensures that the process is monitored. Altogether, preparations can be done comfortably from home, so there is no need to go to the salon beforehand, which saves the owner time and energy.