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Pager8 updates

On this page you can continuously check software and firmware updates, developments and bug fixes for the Pager8 product

Latest updates:

Pager7-8 Programming software (PagerControl)

Pager8 Firmware


New programming software and mobile application containing bug fixes for Pager 7 and Pager 8 products has been released.

Programming software version: v3.7.5 (1)
Mobile application version: V3.2.2 (Android)

The programming software includes the following developments:
- In case of a damaged configuration file, cloud-based loading is not possible - fix
- Minor fixes and improvements to enhance operation and stability

The mobile application includes the following developments:

- After logging in, the application - occasionally - indicated an incorrect relay/partition state – fix

- Minor fixes and improvements to enhance operation and stability

(The mobile application automatically updates when configured appropriately.)


Firmware version v.3.5.9 of Pager8 has been released.

The firmware includes the following bug fixes:

- Improving SMS and call handling of events
- Improvement of date and time handling
- Fixes that promote operational stability


New programming software and firmware version of Pager8 has recently been released.

Firmware version: 3.5.6

Programming software version: 3.7.2 (5)


The firmware contains the following bug fixes:

- Improvement on registration on 4G of devices with an A7682 modem

- Improvement on determining the provider and network type