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Pager4 updates

On this page you can continuously check software and firmware updates, developments and bug fixes for the Pager4, Pager4 PRO and Pager4 WiFi product.

Latest updates:

Pager4 és Pager4 PRO Programming software

Pager4 Firmware

Pager4 PRO Firmware

Pager4 PRO WiFi Firmware



The new firmware and programming software version for Pager4, Pager4 PRO, and Pager4 WiFi has been released. 

Firmware version: 8.01.0 8299

Programming software version: 8.0.1 3886 

The firmware includes the following fixes and improvements: 

  • Maintaining the order of calls
  • Ensuring the fastest possible reconnection in case of a disruption to the mobile internet connection of the SIMCOM A7682 modem
  • Increasing the waiting time for the SIM card upon device startup for the SIMCOM A7682, to improve compatibility with different cards
  • Preventing operation impact in case of consecutive incoming calls (e.g., due to network management of an iPhone, the device may repeat a call during technology switch, leading to faulty operation such as reactivation during deactivation)
  • Avoiding network registration failure due to carrier-specific SMS
  • Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) update for the SIMCOM A7682 modem firmware version
  • Migration of cloud service to a domain name (to ensure greater load distribution)
  • Ensuring access to the cloud server even if the card does not have name resolution


The programming software includes the following fixes: 

  • Fixing the "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" error upon pressing the update button in the module registry
  • Resolving the error with updates via cloud connection
  • Speeding up the operation of the module registry in case of a very large number of devices
  • Designing the interface for the FOTA update of the SIMCOM A7682 modem and fixing its errors