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No landline available? This is how our Swedish partner solves it using Adapter2

09/10/2023 11:10
No landline available? This is how our Swedish partner solves it using Adapter2

ACANDIA, operating in Sweden, builds its intercom systems by integrating TELL's Adapter2 module. The privately held company offers products and services related to measurement and control technology. The company considers its main task to solve their customers' needs better and more cost effective than themselves or their competitors can. ACANDIA’s base is in Sweden, but they also have many clients in other Scandinavian countries, e.g. in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The company was looking for a solution to the task of making their intercom system, which can be connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), be able to forward calls to users' mobile phones, based on the apartment phone numbers, in addition to the installed handsets in the apartments.

How is it possible to extend or replace the landline in the case of intercom systems that require a wired network infrastructure (PSTN)?


During the use of intercoms, the following needs frequently arise from users living in residential buildings:

  • Even when the user is away, they would like to be informed when a call is received on their intercom system.
  • While not being at home, they still want to receive a package, and open the door or the gate for the postman.
  • Allow cleaning staff or gardeners to enter the garden gate or the stairwell door.
  • It is important that they do not have to stay at home just for this purpose, but still can let eligible people in.
  • In case of emergency, it may be also crucial to be able to let personnel in remotely, e.g., firefighters, police, ambulance, or mechanic who can cut off the water in the event of a pipe break.



Below you can see ACANDIA's solution using the TELL Adapter2, and the detailed technical implementation.

Here is the structure of the system illustrated:


Intercom solution


The company integrated the TELL Adapter2 module with RCO Security products. Main components integrated into the system:

  • PA MIF-519 GEN2 S outdoor unit with keypad
  • TEL-50 line card (normally uses a landline)
  • UC-50 LAN module for remote system management over the Internet
  • TELL Adapter2 module for telephone line simulation, call forwarding, and door or gate opening via the cellular network


  1. On the outdoor intercom unit, the caller starts the call by entering the apartment number code.
  2. The central unit processes the command, and initiates the call via its analog PSTN line input, using the simulated telephone line provided by the Adapter2.
  3. After the voice connection is established through the Adapter2, the user can talk with the caller, and can open the door by pressing the appropriate numeric key on his phone. This transmits a DTMF tone to the intercom system that sends an opening pulse to the electric lock.

In summary, the solution makes it possible to create a two-way voice connection, where speech and DTMF transfer is possible via the TELL Adapter2 device, which simulates the analog telephone line (PSTN).

This solution is increasingly common for intercoms, but also provides a perfect solution for customers who need to replace their old landline based solutions.

Thanks to the TELL Adapter2 device, our partner can meet client’s needs even in the absence of a PSTN network.

With this solution, in addition to security, ACANDIA's systems also provide user-friendly functions and ensure that users never miss a single call.



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