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Gate Control updates

On this page you can continuously check software and firmware updates, developments and bug fixes for Gate Control products.



Programming software version 9.0.0 5230 and firmware version 9.00.0 8202 of Gate Control BASE, PRO and PRO WiFi have recently been released.


The software contains the following developments and bug fixes:

- Introduction of Wizard

- Introduction of a device register shared with other devices

- Introduction of the ability to block the second call due to the error "Two calls are received one after the other"

- Introduction of the "Anyone" group for group roles

- A comment field has been added to the user data section

- Show scheduled control in the event log

- Introduction of a desktop shortcut for easier use

- User search option

- The limit switch can send only a signal to the application (it has no effect on the control)

- Refinement of admin roles

- Preparation of bulk add to CSV generated by Excel

- Bug fix for incorrect setting of access authorisation during bulk add

- Improving the length of input fields and character limit

- Split screen status monitoring

- Bug fix for when sending e-mails, notifications are not sent to all set e-mail addresses

- Fixing operator search problem in case of remote access

- Improving the status of AT Log button

- Several improvements and bug fixes that improve ease of use and result in more stable operation

The firmware contains the following developments and bug fixes:

- Entering the parameters required for PRO device cloud access and enable cloud access via SMS message

- Bug fix for "Wifi search does not work with factory default settings"

- Bug fix for the logic issue of opening with the push button in the case of control settings 3 and 4

- Improved SIM card handling

- Handling of the empty APN field in the case of 2G

- Preparation and development of many more future functions affecting stable operations




New version of Gate Control PRO admin app has recently been released.

The app contains the following developments and bug fixes:


- Updating the multiplatform framework to the latest version

- Gate Control PRO v9 support

- Adding user search to the registration process

- Adding a comment field to the user data section

- Improving the registration process

- Several other bug fixes



Firmware version V8.03.5 8185 of Gate Control BASE and Gate Control PRO has recently been released.
The WiFi firmware is not included.

The firmware contains the following bug fixes:
- Improvement of SMS handling of Australian service providers
- More precise identification of hidden phone numbers

Click here to download:


Firmware version 8.03.3 8165 of Gate Control BASE, PRO and PRO WiFi has recently been released

The firmware contains the following bug fixes:

- Fix on remote access passwords getting deleted after a remote firmware update 

- Improvement of SIMCOM modem SIM card identification (ICCID) and PIN management 

- Improvement of cloud connection uncertainty of SIM900 modem on Telekom network