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Gate Control updates

On this page you can continuously check software and firmware updates, developments and bug fixes for Gate Control products.

Latest updates:

Gate Control BASE and PRO Programming Software

Gate Control BASE 1000 Firmware

Gate Control PRO 1000 Firmware
Gate Control PRO 20 Firmware

Gate Control PRO 1000 WiFi Firmware
Gate Control PRO 20 WiFi Firmware




New programming software and firmware version for Gate Control PRO has been released.

Firmware version: 10.1.3 (8331)

Programming software version: 10.0.3 (5385)

The firmware contains the following modifications:

  • Introduction of the default SUPERADMIN user
  • In the case of a TellAPI connection error, the device tried to reconnect too frequently, causing it to restart often
  • The device did not wait long enough for a response to TellAPI status messages, leading to disconnections and restarts on poor quality networks
  • Modification of the approval registration function
  • In the case of failed email log sending, the device tried to resend the message very frequently, causing high data traffic and significant TellAPI load
  • It was not possible to set a cloud server other than the default one, as the device reverted to the default automatically
  • Did not call on input event or waited too briefly after initiating the call
  • The device deleted the PIN code if the SIM card was removed (only with A7682)
  • Modem network management: the device now accepts SMS-only roaming network status
  • EG91 FOTA did not start
  • Did not send SMS from input if the timestamp substitution variable was included

The programming software contains the following modifications:

  • Added the wiring diagram to the Connected (status indication only) option for inputs in the wizard
  • Backup restore improvement. Loading users did not complete when changing the control mode
  • APN setting correction in the wizard
  • It was not possible to proceed from the warning window in case of outdated EG91 modem firmware




The Gate Control USER mobile application for iOS and Android versions has been released for the Gate Control PRO and Gate Control PRO WiFi products. 

Mobile app version: Android: 1.2.8, iOS: 1.2.0 

The mobile application includes the following developments and fixes:

  • Introduction of account management
  • The number of devices that can be added is uniformly set at 100
  • Design and user interface-related bug fixes


With the account management feature, it becomes easier to simultaneously transfer multiple devices to another mobile phone and allows users to easily order services, such as warranty extensions and device support for their purchased devices.

Although registration for account management is currently not mandatory for our existing customers (who have already installed the app and registered one or more devices), it will be required for new downloads and when adding new devices. However, we recommend registering now to avoid any future inconvenience, as registration will become mandatory for all existing apps and devices in the next update.

The applications are available from the mobile app stores. The update is carried out manually, or automatically depending on the device's configuration.

The Android applications (primarily for Huawei mobile phones) will also be available on the website, so they can be installed from there if necessary. However, due to automatic updates, we recommend using the application store.




The new programming software version for Gate Control BASE, Gate Control PRO, and Gate Control PRO WiFi has been released.

Programing software version: V10.0.2 5379

The programming software includes the following bug fixes and developments:

  • In the case of restoring a backup for Gate Control BASE, the remote user is not restored
  • Fixing the error in firmware updates via cloud connection
  • Adding a device to the module registry with the device identifier in lowercase causes an error when generating a QR code for adding a mobile device
  • After changing the USB password, if the module was restarted, the new password could not be entered




New firmware version for Gate Control PRO and Gate Control PRO WiFi have been released.

Firmware version: 10.01.1 8310 

Similarly to Gate Control Base, the automatic APN setting (adapt APN) has been implemented based on the mobile internet network parameters. This is a significant advancement for the easier installation of our devices, as setting the APN is not necessary for basic operation. If the network provider accurately configures this feature as part of the services for the specific card (which, in Hungary, has been seamlessly functional with cards typically used by the public and by TELL in our tests), the device equipped with a SIMCOM A7682 modem from TELL will function correctly without requiring any additional setup. The automatic APN retrieval is not available for older modem versions.


If, for some reason, the automatic APN setting is not correct, it can still be manually set as before.


The firmware includes the following bug fixes and developments:

  • Preparation for modem firmware update for the SIMCOM A7682 modem
  • Automatic APN (adapt APN) retrieval for the SIMCOM A7682 modem
  • Display of SMS limit reached in the system log
  • Use of timestamps in SMS messages generated by inputs
  • Improved SIM compatibility for the SIMCOM A7682 modem by extending the response time of the CLIP command
  • Clarification of the operation of approval-based registration




The new firmware version for Gate Control BASE has been released.
Firmware version: 10.01.1 8310

The firmware includes the following fixes and improvements:
- Troubleshooting reconnection difficulties with the Quectel UG9X modem after
disabling 3G
- Correction of log management upon reaching SMS limit to make the limit
- The firmware did not wait for the modem's response for the appropriate
duration, necessitating corrections to the operation of certain cards
- Improvement of phone number management in the BASE device to handle
both +36 and 06 formats when adding administrators and superadministrators
- Use of timestamps in SMS messages for events sent by inputs
- The automatic APN determination (ADAPT APN) can configure the APN
settings for data connection and voice calls from the network without




Firmware version v10.00.0.8263 and programming software version v10.0.0.5340 of Gate Control BASE, PRO és PRO WIFI have recently been released.



- With control mode No. 5 the gate was closed on a second command only, if closing was not done by the same user.

- In case of existing users, the "Comment" and "Phone number" could not be updated in the app with password-based registration.

- The device did not send a reply to SMS-commands with the details of the error.

- The APN username and the password could not be deleted via SMS command.

- Fix for emergency control via SMS.

- The gate reopened on scheduled control if the configured timeout value was more than 1 minute.

- Preparations and fixes for the upcoming user account management feature.

- Fixed random cloud connection loss, and connection restore only after a restart.

- Minor stability improvements and fixes for issues that caused malfunctions.



- Customization settings default values removed.

- The SMS command used for setting the APN is accepted from users with Admin role too.

- Displaying the modem type in the software.

- Extended the events displayed in the event logs.


Programming software:


- Improved the wizard wording and layout.

- Preventing phone number duplication.

- The software reconnects to the device automatically after the device restarts due to changing the output control mode.

- Fixed the maximum value of the opening timeout.

- The Comment field was not added when bulk-adding users.

- Minor fixes related to the user interface and handling.

- Fixed username filtering.

- Fixes related to cloud connection stability.

- Devices using the SIM ICCID as device ID could not be added in the device register because only the MAC format was accepted in the “Device ID” field.

- Minor stability improvements and fixes for issues that caused malfunctions.



- Implemented DNS resolving, domain name can also be used for the cloud address.

- Displaying the modem type in the Status monitoring menu.

- Users with Admin role can access the holiday and schedule control settings.

- Separating and displaying separately the Device ID and the MAC address (since the early versions have used the SIM ICCID as Device ID, the MAC address could not be seen).

- Software versions other than v10 (e.g., v9) can run in parallel with the v10.

- Implementing the TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

- Speeded up configuration reading: the software no longer reads the customization settings automatically. They can be read separately if needed, after selecting the given menu.

- Extended the maximum length of the “Username” and the “Comment” from 20 to 40 characters.

- Extended the events displayed in the event logs.

- New records in the customization settings: Push messages on unauthorized control in case of banning by different rules (access template, group, or custom rule), and notification on control.



Programming software version and firmware version of Gate Control BASE, PRO and PRO WiFi have recently been released.


The software contains the following developments and bug fixes:

- Introduction of Wizard

- Introduction of a device register shared with other devices

- Introduction of the ability to block the second call due to the error "Two calls are received one after the other"

- Introduction of the "Anyone" group for group roles

- A comment field has been added to the user data section

- Show scheduled control in the event log

- Introduction of a desktop shortcut for easier use

- User search option

- The limit switch can send only a signal to the application (it has no effect on the control)

- Refinement of admin roles

- Preparation of bulk add to CSV generated by Excel

- Bug fix for incorrect setting of access authorisation during bulk add

- Improving the length of input fields and character limit

- Split screen status monitoring

- Bug fix for when sending e-mails, notifications are not sent to all set e-mail addresses

- Fixing operator search problem in case of remote access

- Improving the status of AT Log button

- Several improvements and bug fixes that improve ease of use and result in more stable operation

The firmware contains the following developments and bug fixes:

- Entering the parameters required for PRO device cloud access and enable cloud access via SMS message

- Bug fix for "Wifi search does not work with factory default settings"

- Bug fix for the logic issue of opening with the push button in the case of control settings 3 and 4

- Improved SIM card handling

- Handling of the empty APN field in the case of 2G

- Preparation and development of many more future functions affecting stable operations



New version of Gate Control PRO admin app has recently been released.

The app contains the following developments and bug fixes:


- Updating the multiplatform framework to the latest version

- Gate Control PRO v9 support

- Adding user search to the registration process

- Adding a comment field to the user data section

- Improving the registration process

- Several other bug fixes



Firmware version V8.03.5.8185 of Gate Control BASE and Gate Control PRO has recently been released.
The WiFi firmware is not included.

The firmware contains the following bug fixes:
- Improvement of SMS handling of Australian service providers
- More precise identification of hidden phone numbers



Firmware version of Gate Control BASE, PRO and PRO WiFi has recently been released

The firmware contains the following bug fixes:

- Fix on remote access passwords getting deleted after a remote firmware update 

- Improvement of SIMCOM modem SIM card identification (ICCID) and PIN management 

- Improvement of cloud connection uncertainty of SIM900 modem on Telekom network