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Our customer's opinion on Gate Control

Simple to use and maintain

We are fully satisfied with Gate Control, as it perfectly performs its function. We especially like that it is easy to operate and maintain, thus saving a lot of energy for our company. TELL really puts effort in technical support and offers high quality maintenance. The staff is very helpful, there is not a single problem they can’t solve. Overall, the service that the company provides is way better than the competitors’.

Gábor Szarka, SWINDON


Reliable and flawless operation 

We have been using this device from the start. It is highly reliable and works properly. Its biggest advantage is that the programs and the software are easy to use. The staff is really helpful and professional. We can contact them anytime and they provide instant solutions for all issues.

Gábor Tarcsai, KORREKT-FORSZ Lp.


Modern technology with high-level support 

Just like all Gate Control users, we are extremely satisfied with the product and its advanced functions. Compared to other similar devices, it is not only able to control gates by GSM calls, but tailored to current trends, through mobile application too. This is why it can be a good choice for younger generations and those who are into innovative solutions. Besides, it is also great for corporate use due to the scheduled opening, entry rules and automatic reporting functions. Furthermore, tracking the movement of employees has become easier with this device. After the order was placed, it was still possible to turn to TELL for technical support and they were happy to answer all of our questions. Not only the users, but the installers can enjoy the wide range of functions, such as remote programming and testing with mobile or PC. However, what we can be the most proud of is this accomplishment is achieved by a Hungarian company with Hungarian professionals.

Tamás Patak, installer