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TELLMon updates

On this page you can continuously check software and firmware updates, developments and bug fixes for TELLMon product


TELLMon version 1.9.113 has been released, along with the first official major version 2.0.13 of the 2.x series


The 1.9.113 version includes the following changes:

  • Serial modem port setting option
  • Setting the serial modem port to a disabled state by default
  • The handling of messages with only Enigma length has been introduced to the option interface
  • After setting APN, restart is recommended
  • Improvement of mobile application management
  • Attachment of Java 8 installation script
  • Disabling daily restart
  • Restructuring of Sequential Ports verification


The 2.0.13 version includes the following changes: 

  • Sorting improvement on the Device Update page
  • Removal of secondary sorting on the Device Update page
  • Display only online devices on the Device Update page
  • Display Manager fix
  • Full restart in the firewall script
  • Optimization of HTTP requests and settings loading
  • Bug fix for SIA during HIKVISON AX PRO testing
  • Surface-adjustable TELLMon and SIA protocol debug log
  • Handling of SIA heartbeat calculation for signals under 10 seconds
  • Adding a script that authorizes the TELLMon user for the SIA vital sign calculation function
  • New feature: restart display manager with ctrl+alt+r
  • Changes affecting KIOSK: Chromium starts only when Tomcat is already running
  • Confirmation window before firewall settings with mandatory restart
  • Serial modem port settings option
  • Default state of serial modem port set to off
  • Before setting the firewall, a confirmation window appears about the mandatory restart
  • Restart suggestion after APN setting
  • Mobile fix
  • Attachment of Java 8 installer script
  • Disabling daily restart
  • Restructuring of serial ports verification
  • Script to check Tomcat's running status
  • TEX performance improvement on the Patent server in Győr
  • Surface-adjustable TEX protocol debug log
  • Surface-adjustable TEX device log
  • Correction of serial port names in factory and reset settings
  • NTP fix
  • SQL exception handling, daily Tomcat restart
  • Hiding SIA columns (prefix, CID-based acc column)
  • SIA switching on and off
  • Reset settings refactor


1.9.110 version of TELLMon has recently been released.

The new version contains the following developments:


- Complete database redesign, use of view tables and triggers

- Implementation of SIA DC-09 and Ademco-Contact ID protocol

- Introduction of HIKVision AX PRO support

- Adaptation of HIKVision socket and session handling to the system

- Handling of SIA prefixes

- Automation of SIA vital sign calculation on a device basis

- Improved handling of SIA recurring events

- Transformation of SIA encryption key management, so that the system can handle both encrypted and unencrypted devices in parallel

- Bug fix for TELLMon protocol remote programming

- Correction of TEX protocol errors occurring during loading

- Global handling of socket interruptions and retry errors for all protocols

- Improved handling of Contact ID messages of inappropriate length

- Improved handling of user account IDs of incorrect length

- Monitoring frequently disconnected devices and creating own events about frequent disconnections

- Introduction of 4G modem, improvement of modem boot

- Correct display of the GSM field strength in case of older modems

- Improvement of serial port and IP based acknowledgment processes

- Transformation of the storage method of incoming events. Instead of quantity, events are stored for a given day (depending on the setting).

- Reducing the size of log files - only errors are recorded in the logs, extended logging can be enabled for separate devices

- Correct handling of Internet connection and disconnection events

Several additional bug fixes


Developments on the web user interface:

- Updating the design of the management website

- Development of session management for the operator website

- Embedding pop-up windows for abbreviations on the interface for easier understanding

- Expansion of the events page on the operator website with additional information, such as the device name, device ID, identification prefix and login ID

- Merging the events and own events pages for easier overview

- Rewriting and improving the firmware and device checking functions on the device update page

- Splitting the settings menu item into categories for easier handling and simpler settings

- Management of firewall settings from the web interface

- Transformation of saving network settings

- Incorporating time zone selection in the settings

- Error correction of NTP server operation

- Transforming the handling of event codes

- Option to enable device logging, which saves the logs of certain device/devices to a separate file, making debugging easier

- Several additional bug fixes


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