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On the Path to 4G: Phasing Out 2G Products

17/03/2024 13:00
On the Path to 4G: Phasing Out 2G Products

Starting June 1, 2024, a significant change will occur in our product lineup as we phase out a majority of our 2G products. TELL is committed to technological innovation and enhancing user experience. This change signifies a gradual phasing out of 2G-based products and a focus on the newer, faster 4G technology. The decision was not made lightly, but it was driven by the need for technological advancement and future benefits.

Why is this Change Happening?


In the world of technology, it is important for our products to use advanced communication technologies. The discontinuation of 2G network development and the increasing load on these networks significantly affects the operational stability of devices and the user experience.

Switching to 4G networks offers faster data transmission, better connectivity, and lower communication costs, all of which contribute to a better and smoother user experience.

Affected Products:


The change will affect the following products, which will be available for order until May 31, 2024, but after this date, they will only be available in 4G versions:

  • Adapter2 – 2G.IN4.R1
  • Adapter2 PRO – 2G.IN4.R1
  • Pager4 – 2G.IN4.R2
  • Pager4 – 2G.IN6.R1
  • Pager4 PRO – 2G.IN4.R2
  • Pager4 PRO – 2G.IN6.R1
  • Compact GSM II – 2G.IN2.R2
  • DualCom 2G.IN6.R6
  • DualCom 2G.IN6.R6 KIT
  • Gate Control BASE 1000 – 2G.IN4.R2
  • Gate Control PRO 1000 – 2G.IN4.R2
  • Gate Control PRO 20 – 2G.IN4.R2
  • Ecoline PRO – 2G.IN4.R1


Benefits of the Transition:


The transition to 4G technology comes with numerous benefits, including:

Faster data transfer: 4G can achieve faster download and upload speeds, enhancing the user experience.

Better connectivity: 4G networks provide more stable and reliable connections, reducing call drops and data transmission errors.

Lower communication costs: More efficient data transfer makes 4G usage more economical.

Long-term support: 4G technology is future-proof, offering long-term support for devices.

2G capable: 4G devices can operate on 2G networks where 4G coverage is not available.


How to Prepare?


We recommend our customers and partners to start preparing for the switch from 2G devices to 4G versions. With the switch, not only will you be keeping up with technological advancements, but you will also enjoy an improved user experience and more stable service. Feel free to contact us with your questions and for support needed during the transition.