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Automatic APN Setup for Seamless Mobile Communication

03/04/2024 16:02
Automatic APN Setup for Seamless Mobile Communication

From now on, the following devices will automatically recognize and apply the APN settings determined by the provider, if this function is supported by the provider.

TELL places a high emphasis on customer-centricity and continuously strives to enable users to access higher-quality services at more favorable prices. As part of the company's latest development, it now ensures the automatic configuration of APN settings, thereby eliminating the complications and time loss associated with manual setups. This advancement not only simplifies the user experience but also ensures seamless data connectivity on devices utilizing 4G technology.


What is APN?

One of the challenges with this innovation was that 4G products had to be manually set to the correct APN provided by the carrier, even if the user did not intend to use the product over a data connection. The APN, or Access Point Name, denotes a unique network access point essential for mobile internet, sending MMS, and 4G voice calls (VoLTE).


Manual vs. Automatic APN Setup

Based on feedback from TELL users, this approach was not user-friendly. However, close collaboration between the company's development team and SIMCOM has led to a solution. It enables devices to automatically use the voice and data APN specified by the network provider, similar to mobile phones. This development significantly eases the setup of data and voice connections, as no additional network configuration is required.

If the provider fails to correctly communicate the necessary details, or if a wrong setup occurs, users can still manually enter the APN, ensuring uninterrupted device operation.

Since the introduction of the new system, for example, setting up a Gate Control Base device has become simpler: just insert the SIM card without a PIN code and wait for the indicator light to turn green. Afterward, the device can also be programmed via SMS.

With the introduction of automatic APN setup, 4G devices can receive and initiate calls faster and more stably, contributing to smoother system operation, especially in relation to the phasing out of 2G networks.

It's important to note that automatic APN setup is only available in products equipped with a SIMCOM 4G modem.

Products manufactured after March 2024 will come with the new firmware supporting automatic APN, allowing users to immediately benefit from the new technology. Those who have previously purchased products with a SIMCOM 4G modem will not have to miss out on this advantage.


The following products will feature automatic APN determination:

  • Adapter2, Adapter 2 PRO V8.02.0.8311
  • Gate Control Base, Gate Control PRO V10.01.1 8310
  • Pager4 and Pager4 PRO (coming soon)


Customers can receive assistance for updating existing devices on TELL's website, where new firmware and manuals with useful information for performing the firmware update are available for download.


Continuous Improvement - Together

The introduction of automatic APN setup is a significant advancement in the market of mobile communication devices, contributing to an enhanced user experience and the dismantling of technological barriers.

TELL is committed to ensuring its products meet the highest quality standards and to facilitating the technological transition towards 4G networks through innovation. We continuously seek new opportunities to align technological advancements with market demands, which is evident in numerous other developments.

We are open to all feedback that can help with further developments and improving the user experience. International users can reach out at [email protected].