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Programming software version of Adapter2, Adapter2 PRO and WiFi has been released

18.05.2022 10:05
Programming software version of Adapter2, Adapter2 PRO and WiFi has been released

The new version contains new features, modifications and bug fixes.

The software contains the following new features:

  • Supporting VoLTE – (available from firmware version v7.03.3.8097)
  • Introducing FOTA modem update – (available from firmware version v7.03.3.8097)
  • Time stamp can be disabled in text messages
  • Improving audio settings in devices with new modem versions/models
  • Introducing support
  • Handling special characters in device names in the device register
  • Adding shortcut feature for remote access (a quick connect icon can be added to desktop for each device)
  • The password can be stored in the device manager for remote access
  • Localizability of server types in the server register
  • Adding a network automatically in the device register for peer-to-peer connections
  • Displaying the status of cloud usage in the Status monitoring menu
  • dB-based reception display in the Status monitoring menu
  • Delay setting option for manual dialing
  • Showing the IP address and port number in the server register
  • Option to store device phone numbers and ICCID in the device register
  • Option to stop pending notifications
  • Introducing a new database engine for the device register (SQLite)

The software contains the following new developments:

  • Improving localization
  • Improving of automatic network selection
  • Improving password storage function
  • Storing previously set layout of tables shown in each menu
  • Improving the logging of the programming software
  • Fix for deleting multiple user phone numbers in the reporting channels
  • Hiding the cloud usage setting option for the WiFi device model
  • Changing the signal status display to percentage-based value
  • Unifying the interval value of the TEX supervision message
  • Possibility to upload firmware on devices with previous major versions
  • Improving WiFi network search feedback
  • Localizability of data connection types in the Status monitoring menu
  • The software contains the following bug fixes:
  • Modifying the block length of audio file upload
  • Bug fix for reading and displaying error of service events
  • Bug fix for editing the default cloud access record in the server register
  • Bug fix for setting the SMS sending limits to unlimited
  • Fixed issue of manual data entering in the WiFi network scan assistant
  • Adjusting and fixing the display of WiFi networks
  • Bug fix for entering voltage values for the low voltage service event (only whole numbers could be entered)